Technology is the manifestation of knowledge. It is the union between design, purpose, and understanding that complements the human existence. Technology is the expression of will founded on the belief of fusion between simplicity and efficiency. It is the vehicle that carries us to greater states of awareness and completion than in previous generations. It is the wheel that carries us. The flame that heats us. The force that drives us.

Technology in education – there is always more to learn

Introduction to Web Writing & Editing

technology 2

I have completed a course in learning how to construct education with an editing perspective.

High Yield Training Program

Technology 3

This program draws on the GEAR methodology. This methodology ensures that educational content  is designed and delivered according to an assigned risk rating for the learner.  An attentive educator should use this methodology in determining what content is appropriate for web technologies and what content should be delivered utilizing other methods of delivery.

Online learning in action… 

Technology 4

I am comfortable with utilizing a number of web based technologies including a number of different learning management systems.  In addition to instructing face to face in a classroom setting, I also teach BSN nursing courses through distance education.