Curriculum Development

Lighthouse 1“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand” (Chinese Proverb)

This Chinese Proverb plays through my mind every time I sit at the computer as I am planning out a full term course or next week’s classroom activities. There is a certain amount of preparation that comes into play and yet there must be flexibility and movement within a plan to allow the students to take the class conversations and activities to where they need to go in that moment.

It is about having confidence as an instructor to allow for this space and to enjoy in the journey as a co-learner with my students and with my fellow colleagues. This journey may have many twists and turns but oh what an amazing ride it becomes! Every class, every student and every colleague that becomes part of this journey also teaches me something along the way and in turn I hope that I am able to leave a little piece of myself with them.

Curriculum Development requires an open heart and mind, creativity and a sense of vulnerability to try something new. In order to support this growing knowledge and expertise an instructor should be willing and committed to updating their practice activities on a regular basis.

Course Development and Activities for 2012/13

Faculty Development Institute – May 2013

iPhone-June 2013 128

Clickers – Hands on Orientation to Bookable Classroom Response Systems – August 2012

iPhone-June 2013 129

Communicating with Collaborate: Intro into Synchronous Web-Conferencing Tool – August 2012

iPhone-June 2013 130

Designing with CRAP: Principles for Effective Learning Design of Handouts, Tests & Slides – August 2012

iPhone-June 2013 131

Open Educational Resources (OERs): What are they? Where to find them. August 2012

iPhone-June 2013 132