The pursuit of knowledge is the voyage past the bonds of human consciousness, into the unknown and yet discovered. It is the bridge that spans the void between the worlds of knowledge and wisdom; theory and practice. It is the catalyst for innovation and discovery, and the element of human progression. Though often unseen and unheard, scholarship is the passion within that dares us to know the most intimate secrecies of our existence, and to understand our place within it.

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“Doctoral education prepares scholars who both understand what is known and discover what is yet unknown” (Walker, Golde, Jones, Bueschel, Hutchings, 2008, The Formation of Scholars, foreward)

I began my own doctoral education in 2010.  During my masters studies I had initiated the exploration in trying to understand the social processes of how internationally educated nurses transition into Canadian practice settings.  This processes provided a good understanding of what research had been conducted to date and where there were still gaps that required further exploration.

After successfully completing my candidacy in 2012 I am moving into the final phases of the research proposal. I will be conducting a grounded theory study to understand how internationally educated nurses transition into Canadian practice settings. Some of these nurses experience only minor transitions whereas many others are faced with insurmountable challenges. My goal is to try to gain a better sense of what happens within that transition phase to answer the question “is nursing knowledge international?”

Scholarly Presentations

University of Victoria – Poster presentation on “Challenging the epistemological claim of expertise”

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Scholarship is also about taking an active interest in what is currently happening around you.  It is about being attentive to including your voice at the venues where social and public policy is being developed.  It is about taking a role of advocate and in being informed of the discourse surrounding you.

I take this aspect of my scholarship very seriously.

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